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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Without bit nor even bridle!

I love long distance horse treks, being an avid reader of many travelogues from horseback. I also love crowdsourcing. So when a Kickstarter campaign combining both came to my attention I was very interested.
What was different though is that these women are riding 400K without bridles. Yes, that is correct, without anything on their horses heads.
The Kickstarter campaign was to enable their journey to be filmed professionally so they could create a DVD of their travels.
It is truly inspirational, proof of the trust and communication that is so important in the horse-human relationship. And most importantly getting out there and proving to the community that think horses cannot be ridden bitless that they are wrong.

I will be following their progress in a few blogs but if you want to see how they get on over the next few weeks you can follow them on their facebook page.

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